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Achieve a perfectly sculpted brow and a flawlessly finished face at the New York outpost of this beloved Beverly Hills brow boutique.

Damone Roberts’ philosophy on beauty is simple: “Every face deserves the perfect frame.” As a contributing beauty editor at and star of TLC’s “10 Years Younger,” Roberts certainly knows what it takes to achieve the perfect arch—he’s been given the award for Best Eyebrows by InStyle, Us Weekly, Allure, Vogue, People, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. His chic salon in Midtown expertly sculpts the brows of clients, while educating them on what works best for their face and eye shape—the more angular the face, the softer the curve of the brow; the rounder the face, the sharper the arch (to elongate). The aestheticians here also offer facial waxing, as well as lash and makeup services. To attest to the respect Roberts has garnered in the beauty industry, there’s proof in his salon’s signature wall color: a light green reminiscent of sea foam. In 2009, an OPI nail polish in this color, called “Damone Roberts 1968,” had its debut. It sold out in four weeks flat.

— Carey Susskind, Gilt City Editor



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