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Tuesday Tip: Try Tinted Brow Gel! 

Keep your brows looking flawless with Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel (as seen above in Ginger). Our lightweight formula tames brows while adding a soft, natural pigment.

The Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel brings to you the same grooming qualities as our Clear Brow Gel, but has a hint of color to give lighter brows depth or soften darker brows. The result is absolute perfection!

Available in 5 colors.

Happy Monday! Here’s a little inspiration from the one and only Jennifer Lopez to get you through the day!

Pop star, movie mogul, fashion designer…is there anything J. Lo CAN’T do?! From her early days as a Fly Girl to her infamous red carpet appearances, Jennifer Lopez has been a style icon since she first stepped on the scene. 

Here are a few of our favorite shots of Miss Jenny from the Block:

Who needs water to have clean skin?!?


Damone Roberts’ revolutionary new skincare system is the first and only regimen solely in the form of a cloth facial wipe. AM•PM™ is expertly designed to cleanse and moisturize at the most important parts of your day, while being conveniently accessible for those on the go.

The system includes four individual products: AM1, AM2, PM1, and PM2.  Each product has its own specific purpose within the regimen, and has been designed to prepare the skin for its optimal state.

AM1 is a water-based cleansing cloth for morning use that washes the face to a state of ultimate refreshment.  It promotes the growth of elastin and collagen, reduces redness, puffiness and inflammation, while contributing to the soothing of damaged skin.

AM2 optimizes the face for an even skin porosity, while the toner treatment protects skin from free radicals, tightens, conditions, and helps to reduce dark under-eye circles. AM2 also nourishes the skin with nutrients while improving hydration.

PM1 is an all-natural makeup remover and toner facecloth that’s gentle enough for everyday use. It removes makeup and impurities from the face and eyes while helping to reduce puffiness, and aids in the prevention of bacteria and excess oils from forming on the skin.

PM2 is a night creme, moisturizing treatment facecloth, ideal for evening use, and after removing makeup with PM1. PM2 contains a complete treatment regime in just one cloth, while reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and feathering. It also protects the skin from free radicals, tightens, conditions and hydrates.

AM•PM™ is available in a 10-day supply, 30-day supply, or 30-day recurring supply.  For more information, please visit

After years of over-tweezing, this client’s brows grew in looking like two separate sets of eyebrows. They were re-sculpted by DRNY’s Maria Brito, then filled-in with the Damone Roberts Minx Brow Shadow!

Tuesday Tip: Liquid Eyeliner, Simplified!

If you’ve ever been intimidated by liquid eyeliner, Marie Claire has got your back!  They’ve outlined the 5 most foolproof products on the market and have put together a very detailed tutorial to show you the ways of the wand!


We’re celebrating the iconic Dorothy Dandridge as our Monday Muse this week! 

As a film and theatre actress, singer, and dancer, Dorothy Dandridge is perhaps best known for being the first black actress nominated for an Academy Award.  Her beauty knew no bounds, from her flawless complexion, to those gorgeous eyes, and that absolutely stunning smile: Dorothy Dandridge personified elegance. 

Here are a few of our favorite shots of Miss Dandridge:

Feeling inspired this morning by the gorgeous Joan Smalls!


She’s ranked as the #1 model in the world—how could you not be inspired?!  

This 26 year old beauty has graced the cover of virtually every fashion magazine worldwide, including Elle’s ”The Return of the Supermodel" issue. As the first Latina face of Estée Lauder Cosmetics, she’s breaking industry barriers, winning countless awards, and doing it all while looking fabulous!  

Here are a few of our favorite shots of Joan:





Lash Extensions aren’t just for the ladies—men can also use them to enhance their look!  Candace King from Damone Roberts Beverly Hills® uses brown and mocha Lash Extensions to create a natural, masculine appearance.  

To book an appointment with Candace, visit or call (310) 271-2100.

Happy Monday! Here’s a little inspiration from the GORGEOUS Brigitte Bardot to get you through the day!

The legendary Bardot was the preeminent sex symbol of the 1950’s and 60’s, staring in movies, musicals, fashion campaigns, and more.  Her effortlessly chic style continues to be replicated amongst today’s fashionistas, inspiring a new generation BB beauties! 

Here are a few of our favorite shots of the iconic Brigitte Bardot: 

This week, we’re feeling inspired by the late, great Donna Summer!

The Queen of Disco ruled the charts for more than four decades, selling over 130 million records throughout her career.  From ‘Last Dance’ to ‘Bad Girls’, her hits were infectious.  And her style?  AMAZING!  

Here are a few favorite shots of the lovely Miss Summer: