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Threading is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries that removes the entire hair follicle.  The process is simple: a cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, trapping the hair and lifting it out of the follicle.  It’s an extremely sanitary process, and since no chemicals are required, it’s ideal for clients who are taking medicines that conflict with waxing or sugaring.

Lashelle Ullie at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills® shows off his expert threading skills—to book an appointment with Lashelle, visit or call (310) 271-2100.


Want to really make those eyebrows pop? Try the Damone Roberts “Pink A Boo” Brow Highlighter!  

This versatile product creates a soft, neutral looking matte finish to raise and accentuate the brow bone.  For best results, use our Highlighter Smudge Brush to add a smooth finish. 

Beautiful brows by Maria Brito @ Damone Roberts New York

Beauty brows by Mehae Kim @ Damone Roberts New York

For some reason or another, people still ask if washing their face is necessary pre slumber. Even worse yet, some people don’t even ask and just do it! So, The HuffPost pinned down two of New York’s top dermatologists and got the dirt, literally. Read below and be afraid, be very afraid.

What are the side effects of sleeping in makeup?
"Sleeping in your makeup can result in unnecessary exposure to the free radicals in the environment, which the makeup holds on to," says Dr. Schweiger. "Free radicals cause the breakdown of healthy collagen, which results in fine lines on the skin. Additionally, makeup can clog the pores while you sleep, resulting in the development of acne."

But what about just one night? Will it still clog pores or cause breakouts?
"One night of sleeping in your makeup is unlikely to cause long-lasting damage to your skin," says Dr. Schweiger. "However, each night you sleep in your makeup, your pores become more clogged. Eventually, this can result in the formation of a microcomedone, which attracts the acne-causing bacteria to your pores."

What about wrinkles? Will it cause skin to age prematurely?
“During the day you accumulate a lot of oxidative stress,” says Dr. Gilbert. “When you sleep in your makeup you are not giving your skin a chance to recover from those insults, which can lead to premature aging.” Schweiger concurs, noting that “free radicals from the environment (often in the form of pollution) remain on the skin when you do not clean your face properly at night. Free radicals cause collagen breakdown over time, which results in the development of fine lines and prematurely aged skin.”

If you just sleep in eye makeup (mascara, eyeliner), is it still as bad?
"Sleeping in your eye makeup will not cause fine lines or acne on the skin, but it can still lead to problems," says Dr. Schweiger. "Mascara and eyeliner can be rubbed by your pillow and end up in your eyes, which can lead to significant eye irritation. I recommend keeping makeup remover pads by your bed, to wipe across your face and eyes on those nights when you don’t have time to properly cleanse before getting into bed. Sleeping in eye makeup repeatedly may result in the clogging of the tiny hair follicles and oil glands on your eyelids. When these areas become clogged, bacteria can build up and cause inflammation. As a result, small bumps called styes or hordeolums can form. These bumps may resolve spontaneously, but many require treatment from your doctor."

Is sleeping in foundation the worst thing you can do, or is there a bigger makeup culprit?
"Foundations and thick, oil-based primers are often the worst offenders," says Dr. Gilbert. "They prevent the skin from renewing itself naturally at night, causing blackheads, acne and dullness."

Washing your face is so easy [and really is about to get EVEN easier] so don’t skimp on the soap. 


If you haven’t seen this clever photo floating around your internet, then enjoy it for a moment… now get ready to learn how to make your skin actually look like it’s been filtered, but without the use of a camera! Skin “blurring” products are hitting the beauty market by storm, and Refinery29 has rounded up the top 10 most coveted beautifying, blurring products for you to learn about. See which ones address your concerns, or go for them all! You can’t go wrong with a little extra perfection. 

1. Enlarged pores and uneven texture are gone in a nanosecond. Mix it with your moisturizer for an unbelievable glow; Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur, $19.99, available at

2. This lip balm protects, primes, and erases imperfections on and around the mouth with its genius green tint; Ardency Inn Boom Base, $24, available at Sephora.

3. This corrects skin-tone imperfections while leaving the visage soft and even. It’s perfect for weekends with just a touch of concealer under your eyes; Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream, $39, available at Macy’s.

4. This leaves you with softer, more-perfected skin and SPF 30 to protect the results. Use it alone or under foundation for a flawless face; L’Oréal Revitalift Miracle Blur, $24.99, available at Ulta.

5. This anti-aging skin perfector instantly smoothes the texture and appearance of your skin while it goes to work on fine lines and imperfections; Lancôme Visionnaire 1-Minute Blur, $55, available at Lancôme.

6. A favorite of makeup artists everywhere, this silky lotion has special-effect silicones that essentially erase redness underneath tinted moisturizer, foundation, or powder; MAC Prep + Prime Skin, $30, available at MAC.

7. Enlarged pores are no longer an issue with this oil-free definer that helps lessen their appearance in a flash; Dr. Brandt Pores No More , $45, available at DermStore.

8. If you want an airbrushed look for a big event, this foundation is the ticket to getting that flawless finish; Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation, $26, available at Sephora.

9. This powder is how you get that soft-focus effect with the glowing complexion to match, day or night, no matches required; Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, $45, available at Sephora.

10. The radiant glow from underneath your perfected complexion has to be seen to be believed — this miracle worker imparts pure radiance; Garnier Skin Renew 5 Second Blur Instant Smoother , $14.99, available at Target.

And now you’ll never need to use another Instagram filter again!


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We always appreciate new and exciting beauty sites, and it’s even more enticing when they do good, while looking good. Enter DOOBOP— a unique voice in beauty. Featuring a wide variety of products, brands, videos, and all that is gorgeous, DOOBOP also donates $1 for every order placed to Community of Unity. How fantastic is that?!

Always on the edge of the cutting variety, the Damone Roberts brand is taking the beauty site DOOBOP by fabulous force, of course. With his products prominently featured this month, Damone also got the chance to have his beautiful brain picked by DOOBOP’s own Jodie, and really showed what it’s like to be him— a beauty icon.

Not to give away everything, here are some highlights from the sit down, but you must be sure not to miss out on all the gems that Damone has served up. 

I remember as a child being mesmerized by Diana Ross’s beauty, being fascinated by her face and how it all came together.  That’s pretty much how I taught myself how to do make up - by studying her album cover, over and over again. It was The Boss, the first album I ever bought.

Arched vs. Straight
I prefer something in between. I find that an arch is nice but not too severe – that starts to look sinister.

Identical Twins vs. Related
Nothing on a face is exactly the same. However, no one should notice the difference between your brows.

I love hair! I wear mine natural. I have a lot of hair but sometimes add in pieces for fun. I use Kimberly Kimble’s curl cream as a daily leave-in. Plus, her Curl Shampoo. For my skin I wear sun-block everyday.

Do it as if there is no other option but to succeed. It’s hard work and I’m a perfectionist.

What is Beauty
That which makes you different and unique can make you beautiful.  Bring out the best version of you. I don’t believe in stenciling. I don’t believe in giving everyone the same shape or looking like the same person. There is beauty in everyone.

Do you want to know what’s next on the horizon for Damone? He’s telling, but only over on DOOBOP. And do you want to get your hands on some of Hollywood’s hottest products without having to have a Hollywood paycheck? DOOBOP has a special code for you to use, simply type in DAMONEFANS at check out to receive some extra special love. Click on the photo above to instantly be transported to luxury at your fingertips! And don’t forget to keep your finger on beauty’s pulse by checking out DOOBOP’s Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter


The new year often comes with new resolutions [did you actually make different ones this year?!] with one of the easiest ones to keep being switching up your style, mainly your hair style and color. But what happens to your brows when you dye your hair? Should they match? Do they have to? Do you need to color them, too? What if you wake up and hate it? So. Many. Questions. Thankfully, we here at Damone Roberts have you colored, we mean covered! With the full line of tinted brow gels, there is no reason to go under the bowl for your brows— just swipe on the color of your choice, no matter what “direction” you’re taking your locks. 

Taking your spicy ginger to a soft blonde? Keep your brows their natural color and pop on Beverly Hills Blonde or Goldie Fawn tinted brow gel, depending on the depth and shade of your new do! 

Heading down the opposite color path and taking your golden locks to a fiery red? Put the bottle down! Simply grab your Ginger tinted brow gel and be on your way. 

Going who-knows-where with your color and brow depth? Don’t really care about matching your face framers to your strands? Fear not, between Mocha and Minx, there are 5 total shades at your disposal to mix and match with your look!

Be a little bold, be a little daring, mix up your brow game and play with some tints, no color commitment necessary!