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Wow Wednesday: Birthday Brows and Lashes!

Superstar Cassie kicked off her birthday on the right foot with a little pampering from DRBH! Candace and Rachelle did an AMAZING job on her brow sculpting and Lash Extensions!

Wow Wednesday: Brow Transformation by Mehae Kim

Damone Roberts New York artist Mehae Kim shows off her eyebrow shaping skills!  Mehae blended our Gold Digger and Peach for the Stars Brow Highlighter with the Brow Highlighter Smudge Brush

To book an appointment with Mehae, visit or call (212) 764-4755.

Tuesday Tip: Try Tinted Brow Gel! 

Keep your brows looking flawless with Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel (as seen above in Ginger). Our lightweight formula tames brows while adding a soft, natural pigment.

The Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel brings to you the same grooming qualities as our Clear Brow Gel, but has a hint of color to give lighter brows depth or soften darker brows. The result is absolute perfection!

Available in 5 colors.

Wow Wednesday: (Another) Complete Brow Transformation

Lashelle Ullie at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills® shows off his expert threading skills!  The looks is finished off with Damone Roberts Pink-A-Boo Highlighter, Minx Brow Pencil and Tinted Brow Gel—all perfectly applied with the Brow Highlighter Smudge Brush and Brow Shadow Eyeliner Brush!

To book an appointment with Lashelle, visit or call (310) 271-2100.

After years of over-tweezing, this client’s brows grew in looking like two separate sets of eyebrows. They were re-sculpted by DRNY’s Maria Brito, then filled-in with the Damone Roberts Minx Brow Shadow!

A great before and after shot from DRNY’s Mehae Kim (find out more on Mehae by clicking here)!  To achieve this look, Mehae used the Damone Roberts Pink-A-Boo Brow Highlighter for definition, paired with the Clear Brow Gel for a perfectly manicured look. 

To book an appointment with Mehae, visit or call (212) 764-4755.

Threading is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries that removes the entire hair follicle.  The process is simple: a cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, trapping the hair and lifting it out of the follicle.  It’s an extremely sanitary process, and since no chemicals are required, it’s ideal for clients who are taking medicines that conflict with waxing or sugaring.

Lashelle Ullie at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills® shows off his expert threading skills—to book an appointment with Lashelle, visit or call (310) 271-2100.


Want to really make those eyebrows pop? Try the Damone Roberts “Pink A Boo” Brow Highlighter!  

This versatile product creates a soft, neutral looking matte finish to raise and accentuate the brow bone.  For best results, use our Highlighter Smudge Brush to add a smooth finish. 

Beautiful brows by Maria Brito @ Damone Roberts New York