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Tuesday Tip: How to Reduce Redness After Waxing

Tired of irritation when getting your lips or brows waxed? Try applying PURELL® Hand Sanitizer immediately after waxing. It works to disinfect the area plus reduces redness and cools the skin!

Tuesday Tip: Great Tools = Great Brows

It’s impossible to achieve the perfect arch by using subpar tools, and that’s why our entire collection of brow products have been tried and tested by Damone and his team. From our tweezers and brushes to our pencils and powders, each product is expertly crafted to create the perfect frame for your face.

I have built my name in the beauty industry by being a perfectionist in my art and never settling for something mediocre." —Damone Roberts

Tuesday Tip: Try Tinted Brow Gel! 

Keep your brows looking flawless with Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel (as seen above in Ginger). Our lightweight formula tames brows while adding a soft, natural pigment.

The Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel brings to you the same grooming qualities as our Clear Brow Gel, but has a hint of color to give lighter brows depth or soften darker brows. The result is absolute perfection!

Available in 5 colors.

Who needs water to have clean skin?!?


Damone Roberts’ revolutionary new skincare system is the first and only regimen solely in the form of a cloth facial wipe. AM•PM™ is expertly designed to cleanse and moisturize at the most important parts of your day, while being conveniently accessible for those on the go.

The system includes four individual products: AM1, AM2, PM1, and PM2.  Each product has its own specific purpose within the regimen, and has been designed to prepare the skin for its optimal state.

AM1 is a water-based cleansing cloth for morning use that washes the face to a state of ultimate refreshment.  It promotes the growth of elastin and collagen, reduces redness, puffiness and inflammation, while contributing to the soothing of damaged skin.

AM2 optimizes the face for an even skin porosity, while the toner treatment protects skin from free radicals, tightens, conditions, and helps to reduce dark under-eye circles. AM2 also nourishes the skin with nutrients while improving hydration.

PM1 is an all-natural makeup remover and toner facecloth that’s gentle enough for everyday use. It removes makeup and impurities from the face and eyes while helping to reduce puffiness, and aids in the prevention of bacteria and excess oils from forming on the skin.

PM2 is a night creme, moisturizing treatment facecloth, ideal for evening use, and after removing makeup with PM1. PM2 contains a complete treatment regime in just one cloth, while reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and feathering. It also protects the skin from free radicals, tightens, conditions and hydrates.

AM•PM™ is available in a 10-day supply, 30-day supply, or 30-day recurring supply.  For more information, please visit

After years of over-tweezing, this client’s brows grew in looking like two separate sets of eyebrows. They were re-sculpted by DRNY’s Maria Brito, then filled-in with the Damone Roberts Minx Brow Shadow!

If you’re looking to step up your eyelash game but not sure if extensions are right for you, a Lash Lift is the perfect solution!

Our Lash Lift treatment uses silicone pads to lift each lash individually, adding just the right amount of volume and curl. After the treatment, lashes will appear thicker and longer, with a natural curl that can last up to 3 months!

Amanda Libby of details her experience with this FABULOUS treatment below.  For more information on Lash Lifts, as well as a complete list of our services, please visit

In honor of Father’s Day, makeup artist Damone Roberts is offering his confidence-boosting solutions for men.

Damone Roberts

Dear Damone,

What advice do you have for men? I want a way to spruce myself up without it looking feminine or too polished.

— Michael, age 32, from New York

Dear Michael,

You ask a very common question that I get a lot in the streets from all types of men. I decided to do a list of the top 10 ways a man can take things up a notch in the world of grooming without looking “too done.”

1. Trim the nose hairs. This is something very basic that makes a world of difference. Many companies make nose hair clippers for a moderate price (Panasonic Nose Clipper,, $8.99). Believe me when I tell you this is something that people do notice.

2. Trim the eyebrows. I actually even recommend getting them professionally cleaned (not shaped) to open up the eyes. Remember to brush them up before you leave for the day (Damone Roberts Brow Gel,, $20), as this opens up the eye, keeping the face more alert.

3. Clean the hair off your ears and neck. This is something your barber can do for you monthly that gives the appearance of good grooming. The sight of long ear hairs, or neck hair going into the collar of your shirt, is never appealing.

4. Keep your nails short and clean. Dirty, long fingernails require no explanation as to why they don’t work. If your budget or schedule permits, try a monthly manicure/pedicure to have someone take care of this for you. I also recommend buffing your nails as a way to keep the healthy shine without looking artificial.

5. Brush and floss your teeth daily. I’ve always believed that it doesn’t matter if your teeth are not perfectly straight and white, but please keep them clean. It is rather unappealing to talk to someone and see built up plaque or food stuck between their teeth. I know this one seems simple, but trust me when I tell you to take nothing for granted.

6. Have your clothes tailored to fit your body. This is a big one, as no matter what your shape is, the right fit makes everything look so much better.

7. Stand up straight. Mom always told us that posture was important, and she was right. You create a sense of confidence and pride when standing tall, showing everyone you are secure in the man you are.

8. Cleanse your face on a regular basis with a facial soap. I have so many male friends who use the same soap on their body that they use on their face. Most body soaps are too strong for the face. You must invest in a cleanser that is just for the face (Zirh Clean Tube,, $15), as the facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on the body.

9. Remember, less is more when it comes to fragrance. It’s all right to smell good, but everyone doesn’t have to smell it. Fragrance is such a personal preference, and you really must find the one that works best for you. Just remember not to bathe in it.

10. Match your belt to your shoes. This one is really simple and makes a world of difference. If you are wearing black shoes, you don’t wear a brown belt. I’m not saying you need to be a fashion plate, but this basic tip makes everything you wear look that much better.

Wow Wednesday: Simplify your beauty routine with a Lash Lift from Maria Estelle at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills®! 
Our Lash Lift treatment uses silicone pads to lift each lash individually, adding just the right amount of volume and curl.  After the treatment, lashes will appear thicker and longer, with a natural curl that can last up to 3 months!

Wow Wednesday: Simplify your beauty routine with a Lash Lift from Maria Estelle at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills®! 

Our Lash Lift treatment uses silicone pads to lift each lash individually, adding just the right amount of volume and curl.  After the treatment, lashes will appear thicker and longer, with a natural curl that can last up to 3 months!

When it comes to your beauty routine, it’s natural to pick up a bad habit or two. While it’s not the end of the world if you slip up once in a while, repeating the same mistakes over and over is considered poor hygiene and can potentially lead to skin irritations, eye infections or breakouts.

1. Sleeping with makeup on
Damone ALWAYS reminds you to “take off all of your makeup before you go to sleep”. Neglecting to remove your makeup before bedtime is a big beauty no-no. It clogs your pores and can cause acne breakouts. Plus, if you do it repeatedly, your skin can look dull over time due to product buildup. 

To rectify this bad habit, he recommends that you hit the bathroom sink the moment you arrive home for the night, before you get too sleepy. "If you still can’t manage that, keep makeup remover wipes or even unscented baby wipes on your nightstand so you can do a quick wipe-off before you hit the sheets," he advises. 

2. Using dirty makeup brushes
Think about all of the surfaces your makeup brushes come in contact with: your face, your bathroom countertop and the inside of your makeup bag, to name just a few. Given that makeup brushes see a lot of places, they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from becoming bacteria magnets. 

"Eventually, if you continue to use the dirty brushes, they will irritate your skin and cause itching and burning eyes," says Tracey Peart, Makeup Artist. Using dirty brushes also impacts the look of your makeup: "The application won’t be as flawless. Dirty brushes make for streaky application," she says. 

Peart recommends cleaning your brushes once per week. “Wash them with water and liquid dish soap or shampoo once a week and lay them flat to dry,” she says. Proper brush care will also extend the lifespan of your brushes, saving you money since you won’t have to replace them as often.

3. Over-tweezing your brows
Brow maintenance is key to looking groomed and polished, but some women get carried away and pluck until they’re left with tadpole-like brows. “Many women start plucking and don’t know when to stop. They always think that ‘just one more’ and they’ll be perfect,” says Peart. 

This is not the case. Too much tweezing can completely change the look of your face. “If your brows are too thin, they can make your face look bigger and, most importantly, they can make you appear older than you are. Thicker eyebrows are much more youthful looking,” Damone says. 

To get a nice shape for your brows, try not to get too close to the mirror. If you get too up-close-and-personal it’s very easy to lose perspective of how much hair you’re removing.  Damone suggests booking an appointment at one of his salons in New York or Beverly Hills or going to see a Damone trained brow specialist in your city! 

To get the full picture, Peart recommends taking a few steps back from the mirror, and switching back and forth between brows so both your right and left brow get equal attention.

4. Improperly applying eyeliner
 Many women make the mistake of pulling their delicate eyelids too taut when drawing on eyeliner. Stretching the eyelid is bad because it causes fine lines and wrinkles, and can cause injury to the very thin skin around the eye. 

Instead, try this simple technique: Keep your eyelid closed and relaxed when drawing on your liner.  Don’t draw one continuous line; do short, even strokes all the way across the lid to get the most natural-looking line.

5. Touching your face
Touching your face throughout the day is something that most women do subconsciously, without even realizing it. 

Consistently touching your face encourages the transfer of dirt and oils from your fingertips onto your skin, which can clog your pores and cause breakouts.  Wear makeup! Wearing makeup often keeps us from touching our faces because we don’t want to smudge or make a mess of a fresh application.

6. Picking at blemishes
Blemishes are never flattering, but if squeezed, they can look even worse and leave permanent scars. Resist the urge to pick, and if you must get rid of a blemish, visit a professional esthetician who can gently extract whiteheads or blackheads. 

7. Using old makeup
Like most household items, makeup expires. Once the package is opened, makeup products become more susceptible to contamination, and can collect bacteria. 

These germs will not only cause blemishes and skin irritations, but if you apply old makeup around the eye area, they can cause eye infections,  Mascaras should be replaced every three to four months; foundations and lip products last around a year, and powder eye shadows and blushes can last up to two years. 

A good idea is to mark the date you opened it somewhere on the product – place a sticker on the bottom of the product, for instance – so you can keep tabs on how old it is. And remember: Never share your makeup with anyone. It’s just asking for cross-contamination and a host of skin troubles.

With just a few tweaks to your existing routine, you can nip any bad beauty behaviors in the bud, and be on your way to a safer and healthier beauty regimen in no time!



Lipstick Meant You Were A Prostitute?
Early in the Greek empire, red lipstick or lip paint signaled that a woman was a prostitute, given that most women during that time typically went without makeup. 
Lipstick (Almost) Illegal In Britain?
In 1650, Parliament attempted to ban the wearing of lipstick or as they called it “the vice of painting.” The bill, ultimately, did not pass. 
Lipstick Was An Indicator Of Social Rank
During the Roman Empire, lipstick was used as a social status marker. Even men wore lip paint to indicate their rank. 
George Wore It.
George Washington would occassionally wear lipstick. And makeup. And a powdered wig.
Arrested For Wearing Lipstick In Kansas?
In 1915, a bill was introduced into Kansas legislature that would have made it a misdemeanor for a woman under 44 to wear makeup because it “created a false impression.”
QE2 Had Her Own Signature Shade.
Queen Elizabeth II commissioned her own lipstick shade to match her coronation robes at the 1952 ceremony. The soft red-blue was dubbed “The Balmoral Lipstick,” named after her Scottish country home. 
Only Liz Could Wear Red Lipstick.
Elizabeth Taylor loved her red lipstick so much she apparently demanded that no one else on her movie sets could wear it. 
Churchill: Lipstick Will NOT Be Rationed
During World War II, all cosmetics except for lipstick were rationed. Winston Churchill decided to keep lipstick in production because he felt it had a positive effect on morale. Needless to say, lipstick sales did well during the war. 
80% Of American Women Wear Lipstick
In the mid-2000s, a poll found that 80 percent of American women wore lipstick, about ten percent more than French women. 

Society has a long-running love/hate relationship with lipstick, and a vascillating perception of the women (and men) who wear it.

Numerous governments over the centuries have gone so far as to attempt to ban it. Not only was it a near legal offense, women in certain cultures were publicly criticized and considered prostitutes. (In all fairness, some of them actually were.)

On the flip side, the iconic beauty product ignited incredibly territorial demands from women like Elizabeth Taylor, who allegedly forbid the wearing of lipstick by any other women working on her film sets. Yet, ultimately, even La Liz couldn’t wrangle in the country’s growing obsession with lip color — by the turn of the century, a staggering percentage of American women revealed they routinely wore lipstick. Even more sowhen times are tough.

Check out these facts, and more you possibly didn’t know in the slideshow below. Did we miss any?