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The new year often comes with new resolutions [did you actually make different ones this year?!] with one of the easiest ones to keep being switching up your style, mainly your hair style and color. But what happens to your brows when you dye your hair? Should they match? Do they have to? Do you need to color them, too? What if you wake up and hate it? So. Many. Questions. Thankfully, we here at Damone Roberts have you colored, we mean covered! With the full line of tinted brow gels, there is no reason to go under the bowl for your brows— just swipe on the color of your choice, no matter what “direction” you’re taking your locks. 

Taking your spicy ginger to a soft blonde? Keep your brows their natural color and pop on Beverly Hills Blonde or Goldie Fawn tinted brow gel, depending on the depth and shade of your new do! 

Heading down the opposite color path and taking your golden locks to a fiery red? Put the bottle down! Simply grab your Ginger tinted brow gel and be on your way. 

Going who-knows-where with your color and brow depth? Don’t really care about matching your face framers to your strands? Fear not, between Mocha and Minx, there are 5 total shades at your disposal to mix and match with your look!

Be a little bold, be a little daring, mix up your brow game and play with some tints, no color commitment necessary! 


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Damone Roberts Clear Brow Gel is the one beauty product you should never leave home without! Not only does it complete a “natural” brow look, but it is also an amazing tamer of ”flyaway” hair, without weighing it down! Got a few split ends or those pesky unruly hair strands…brush Damone’s Clear Brow Gel onto them and voila…you’ll have a smooth looking mane!

Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel makes an appearance in October’s @StytleWatchMag, People Style Watch Magazine!

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Rave Reviews

“Damone Roberts Brow Gel is your Best Friend! “ - OK! Magazine

"Vanish unkempt brows with Damone Roberts Brow Gel." - Juicy Magazine

You’ve been calling and emailing and posting about Damone Roberts Clear Brow Gel and now it’s back in stock!

The Best Brow Gel on the market, is back in stock at This brow gel is designed to keep your eyebrow hairs in place all day when worn alone, or to lock in your eyebrow pencil or shadow.  The Damone Roberts Brow Gel can also be used as a clear mascara and/or for male grooming to add soft control for facial hair.

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You have enjoyed the “World’s Best Brow Gel” personally created by Damone for years, now we have taken it to the next level!

Not only will your brow hairs stay in place all day without a shellacky appearance or flaking but now we have added a dash of color to cover those pesky gray hairs and also the perfect tint to emphasize your beautifully shaped brow. The Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gel is all that…AND MORE!!!!

4 Shades for You!

Beverly Hills Blonde, Latte, Ginger and Minx


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